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Was there supposed to be a super wolf blood moon?

Because there was totally a super wolf blood moon. Or something.

I went to put the recycling out, and the moon was huge and close and a dark, dark red. Never seen anything like it. I ran in for Uncle B, but by the time he got there it was merely orange. Still cool, but not what it was.

The photo is a fake. I stole it and faked it up. Poor old B goes flying out with the camera every time the moon does something cool, but it’s hopeless without a tripod and astronomy rig and all that. It’s not like it would work in black and white anyway.

I tried to find if this thing was predicted. Apparently not, so it was just probably a local ‘particulates in the air’ kind of thing. I did discover that last series of blood moons was tied to a Biblical apocalyptic prophecy.

I guess four years since the last one is long enough to assume it ain’t going to happen after all. Pity. Now the only apocalypse I have to look forward to is Brexit.

February 20, 2019 — 8:46 pm
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