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Hold me back, boys — I got the chicken jones. Bad.

Today, I talked to a chicken lady. She breeds these things (see arrows).

It’s a Poland bantam. Attentive readers will recall that I WANT ONE OF THESE IN THE WORST WAY. I stole the picture from Your Chickens magazine because I think that’s the color she described to me.

She has them in the incubator now. She’s candled them. They’re kicking. Though she says it takes a little longer to accurately guess the sex of Polands, so it’s going to be two months. At least.

Ordinarily, with Polands, I wouldn’t care if I got a rooster. They look even cooler than the hens. But I don’t think I could bear to have three of the screechy little effers in my garden.

She also does gold partridge pekins, my favorite flavor of pekin. So that’s my fallback.

Two months is perfect. That’s getting on for the beginning of May, when it’ll warm up a little and behbeh chicks can peck around in the grass when it’s sunny.

I AM SO EXCITED, Y’ALL. It’s going to be a long two months. Have a good weekend and dream of little pom pom chickens snoozing in their shells.

February 22, 2019 — 9:01 pm
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