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Muh homies

I’ve always been a fangirl of the Neanderthals — even back in the days when science said Neanderthals absolutely, positively never interbred with modern humans. I was delighted when my 23andme results came back with an unusually high percent of Neanderthal genes (no doubt where I get my psoriasis).

In a cave in the Altai Mountains in southern Siberia, they’ve found a cache of Neanderthal relics — upwards of 4,000 tools. They analyzed the tools and decided the style was more in keeping with known European Neanderthal groups, 2,000 miles to the West and not so much like known Siberian groups.

So either a group of Ogs hiked it that far 60,000 years ago, or they had a network along the route they traded skills with.

Neanderthals died out maybe 30,000 years ago and history begins about 5,500 years ago. I’m not going anywhere with that, I just like to think about timelines.

Coronavirus update: there are now five confirmed cases in people who haven’t been to China, including a new one in the US (bringing the US total to 6). That’s still an astonishing low infection rate, compared to Mainland China. Fingers crossed. Oh, and having the flu jab may make you more susceptible to other respiratory viruses, including this one.

January 30, 2020 — 9:18 pm
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