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We went to Aldi today. It’s the action adventure I’ve been longing for.

The precautions are all but gone. Nobody stood at the door to let us in one at a time. The floor markers were there for social distancing, but people largely ignored them. There was sanitizer. If you wanted it. Whatevs.

Just afterwards, Uncle B went to Waitrose and said the atmosphere was much more tense and the rituals more enforced. I don’t know if it’s a class thing or an age thing, but there you go.

That’s not our Aldi. It looks like ours, but that picture is from the Pittsburgh Gazette. It’s probably just a publicity shot, not a store in Pittsburgh. You can tell because it’s not on fire.

Speaking of which, please don’t let the trust fund babies burn America down. I may never go back, but I take some comfort knowing it’s there to go back to.

June 1, 2020 — 8:02 pm
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