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It’s a lockdown miracle!

Uncle B got a dentist appointment today! Nothing too awful; he’s lost a crown and will need it replacing. This is the first we’ve heard of practicing dentists. There’ve been horror stories about dentists giving out strong drugs rather than treatment and telling people to pull their own teeth if it got too bad.

What, the hat? I thought he might enjoy seeing an old friend. It belonged to a Victorian street dentist or tooth puller who wore it to advertise his expertise to passers-by.

It’s from the collection of a wonderful little museum in London, the Cuming. It was closed for a long time after a fire, but it looks like it’s open again. Well worth having a poke around their collection online.

They’ve even got 3D versions of many of their objects that you can twirl around. Behold, the hat!

June 11, 2020 — 7:38 pm
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