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Prove me wrong. Please

Yes, we also are getting the four-part documentary about the life of Hillary Clinton. Why? Where’s the audience? What possible interest could anyone have in a documentary about this washed-up dessicated old hag?

Because she’s going to be the 2020 nominee. Count on it. Calling it now. Either Biden’s vice presidential pick, or Biden is going to be too incapacitated to do the job, sometime before or after the election.

For what other conceivable reason did all the other candidates collapse and leave the Dems with nothing but an old man showing very distressingly obvious signs of senility?

Crazy idea? God, I hope so.

Try to have a good weekend with that thought running around in your head!

p.s. At least I have lots of Hillary! artwork to recycle. I’m not having much luck caricaturing Biden, for some reason.

June 12, 2020 — 7:14 pm
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