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Monday shopping…

We did our weekly shop today. It was the first day they allowed ‘non essential’ shops to open and, I must say, the streets were packed. The government may not know it yet, but the lockdown is over.

Though Uncle B got chatting with the cashier, and she said they’d ordered better barriers and a sort of traffic light system for letting people in. That sounds like they’re planning to do things the social distancing way for a long time. That sucks, because I hate how I feel frog marched through the store.

We go through separately as we’re not allowed to go through together and there are things I eat that he doesn’t. I got chatting with my cashier and asked if she knew anyone in any of the stores that had caught the bug. Nope. They apparently have a rigorous testing regime, though. If you feel unwell, you get the test and you don’t come back until you’re clear.

Spoke to someone else who was in the emergency room over the weekend for something fairly minor. She said it wasn’t busy at all.

Very little in the last three months has made a lick of sense. Though I suppose incompetence is the one thing that could neatly explain everything that has ever happened to me, ever.

June 15, 2020 — 7:44 pm
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