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On a Wednesday?

I’ve mentioned before that we live on the road to a popular beach. Today – a Wednesday – it was blazing sunny and rammed with traffic. Many, many more than could possibly fit on the beach. Stupid furlough.

Social media tells me they closed the parking lots near the beach and people parked wherever they liked. Sidewalks, lawns. Then even that filled up and several just abandoned their cars in the road. That halted all traffic, including the bus.

Big cat has been missing all day. Most unlike him. On a hunch, I managed to struggle across the road and find him, trapped on the other side.

He was totally back in feral mode. He’s terrified of the traffic, so he won’t go near until it’s completely quiet. I tried to stuff him in a cat carrier and that lost the thin thread of trust I’d managed to rebuild with him. And he scampered off into a corn field.

So we wait. It’s likely to be hours before the traffic is light enough that he’ll chance it on his own. I just hope baby kitty doesn’t go looking for him.

June 24, 2020 — 8:48 pm
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