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Almost famous

We never watch TV news, because you know why. But we decided to watch the local news last night to see what they had to say about the beach problems on the South coast.

Turns out, a film crew used the end of our lane as a backdrop. While I was there, y’all. I mean, I was totally behind a bush, which I was in the process of trimming, but I was there, y’all.

I squeaked to Uncle B, “look! I’m on TV! I’m totally behind that bush on the left!”

So there’s my brush with fame. The news segment was astonishing. Something like 40 tons of garbage were picked off of Bournemouth beach. No idea how they’re going to stop it, but the roads were quiet today. Why? It’s still hot. People are a mystery.

Oh, Uncle B and I are officially old fogies. Among the trash at the end of our drive were a lot of empty gas canisters and we were like, “who’s been out here shooting air rifles?”

Not until we saw pictures on TV of heaps of these things, including balloons, did we work out they were amyl nitrate or nitrous oxide or something. Kids fill balloons with the stuff and get high. Turns out it’s legal here and you can buy all the kit on Ebay.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

June 26, 2020 — 8:18 pm
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