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I have found them!

Grape-Nuts, that is. Not always easy to get here.

My mother’s favorite cereal. She told me they were twice-baked bread. She was wrong.

Sort of wrong, anyway. They’re flour, salt and yeast (and water, presumably) baked to the consistency of Roman cement and put through a grinder. They add vitamins, too, these days.

Did you know you were experiencing a covid-induced Grape-Nuts shortage? At least, I think it’s the States (it’s in USA Today) and I think it’s now (2021/01/27 is in the url). I hate it when they don’t explicitly say location and date.

How did I live in New England all those years and never encounter Grape-Nuts icecream? And it’s not a stupid modern fake Ben-and-Jerry’s flavor, either – it goes back almost as far as Grape-Nuts themselves.

But Grape-Nuts is not my favorite cereal. That would be its textural opposite, Rice Crispies.

I feel better for sharing.

p.s. I guess I’m off of Twitter now. It’s demanding a phone number before I can log in and I can’t be bothered to find out how to fake one. The shakes aren’t too bad yet.

February 3, 2021 — 8:10 pm
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