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Three antlers. Huh.

So Steam had a sale on Eastshade, an open world game where you play a painter, walking around painting stuff.

The reviews all said the world was beautiful and relaxing. The faces are a little creepy, but the landscape is pretty. Tinkly piano music. Everyone plays nice. Sounded promising. Walking around 3D models staring at stuff is my thing.

The scene opens below deck of a ship. It runs aground, the hold fills with water, you can’t escape, fade to black. This…isn’t quite what I was expecting.

Creepy. Yes. There are four species: monkeyface, deerface, owlface and bearface. I ran across the deerface above in the woods. He doesn’t speak. He points at something. I have no idea what. One of my first interactions was an owlface asking me to report a bearface to social services for abusing his kids. There’s something…off about all the conversations.

Then I remembered: people who program video games don’t have a lot of experience with social interaction.

Eh. I bought it, I’ll play it through. I’ve wasted my time in stupider ways.



Back here! Tomorrow! 6 WBT! Dead Pool Round 139!

February 4, 2021 — 8:04 pm
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