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Our great grandparents were weird

Sometimes, I try to get into the mindset of a Victorian. They were a very peculiar people. I came across this story today. I won’t spoil it, though you can see what’s coming a mile away. I’ll just say, my reaction to that event would have been very, very different.

They had unfathomable viewns about death. Like the man who stuffed kittens and posed them in huge dioramas. Kittens are cute, he reasoned, so…? I’ve blogged about him before. (Post includes a link to the horrifying but entertaining crappy taxidermy site).

Walter Potter’s museum of dead animals was broken up and sold in 2003, though they have since gotten a number of pieces together again to show more than once.

Here’s more about Potter from Steyning Museum, which would have been local to the original collection. They tried, and failed, to buy some pieces for their collection (too expensive).

I sat next to a woman from Steyning Museum at a historical do once. She didn’t want to talk about the kittens.

April 7, 2021 — 8:05 pm
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