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We has a petrol crisis

We’re having a gas crisis. Did you know? I assumed you did, but then I didn’t realize you had a gas crisis four months ago until I was trawling the internet looking for pictures earlier.

Here’s an explainer: it’s fake. It’s fakity-fake-fake. It’s hooey, bullshit and rubbish. Rather, shortages are real enough, but it’s panic buying brought on entirely by newspaper headlines. Somebody did this a-purpose, but why?

Greenies hoping to stop car travel? (They succeeded…everyone’s afraid to go anywhere). Remainers hoping to discredit Brexit?

I also didn’t know until a little while ago that people in the States were banging pots and pans to honor nurses during the pandemic. I thought that was something dreamed up by a dweeb on Facebunk to worship the NHS.

You have to wonder how much brainstorming goes on in the Illuminati PR Division.

Never mind. Let’s have some Fun with Math.

The sign says 133.9p per liter.
There are 3.7854 liters in a US gallon.
As of just now £1 = $1.35.
I make that $6.84267831 a gallon. Honestly? I thought it was more than that. The pound must have fallen against the dollar.

September 28, 2021 — 6:14 pm
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