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Finnish origami artist Juho Könkkölä folded this sucker out of a single sheet of paper in 41 hours. The link to the time-lapse video mentioned in the article goes to Instagram. Don’t go to Instagram. It is a silly place.

I found the same video on YouTube (which is also a silly place, but at least it doesn’t make me log in to view files).

And being the impatient person that I am, I didn’t have the attention span to watch 41 hours compressed to 19 minutes, so I asked it to play back double speed.

At that speed, it looks more like he’s molding clay. Which may be a clue to what’s going on in his head – a process by which he leaves a certain amount of material for each feature he means to fold.

He spends a long time planning his stuff, a process he goes into a bit in this article. I can juuuuust about wrap my head around…no. No, I can’t.

September 29, 2021 — 6:41 pm
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