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But is there a Plan C?

Plan B expired today. That’s an end to England’s requirement to mask up or work from home. I almost said legal requirement, but it was never law. Every time a fine was challenged in court, it was dropped.

That means take off your masks and go to work, people.

Of course, there’s a significant chunk of the population who won’t take off the masks today and may never. I was about to make unflattering assertions why that might be, but I won’t. The past two years have been rough on people; I won’t judge.

I bumped into a shady character of my acquaintance today. I mean, I don’t know he’s ever done anything criminal, but if asked, he could play one on TV. I was surprised to see him sitting outdoors in the sunshine all by himself, fully masked. I was like, “dude – you don’t seem the type!” And he said, “it’s the cameras, mate. Used to be illegal to go inside anywhere with a mask, now nobody blinks an eye. I’m going to wear this mask forever.”

Unintended consequences. Thinking out loud. Say they do succeed in imposing restrictive biometric ID on us to control every aspect of our lives. Isn’t that – theoretically – the end of illegal immigration?

I knicked the illustration from an older Telegraph article on masks. It’s in a loathsome style of editorial illustration I’ve come to think of as ‘blob people.’

First of all, you have to include minimum four up to infinity people, to make sure you get in enough ethnics. A few exotic wardrobe signifiers, like turbans or headscarves. AT LEAST an equal number of women to men. Skin colors like Skittles – purple, green. Maybe shades of brown, if you’re aiming for realism.

The worst have featureless faces, wavey lines for arms and blobs for hands and feet. Women without breasts, men without broad shoulders. Monsters. This kind of thing.

In order to avoid offense, we have dehumanized humans.

January 27, 2022 — 8:03 pm
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