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Ending the week on a chicken

Playing with my new phone camera. I did tell you I got a new phone for my birfday, yes?

I stuck with Motorola because I liked my old one and I figured it would have a shorter learning curve. Yes, sort of. Android has the weirdest insistence on tinkering with basic navigation in each new version. And taking away important features.

Like, this version makes it hard to customize the various alert noises. You can change ringtones easily enough, but the rest of the apps seem to do their own thing. I do not like this.

So I downloaded an app that lets me customize sounds, but now I get the default system sound PLUS my custom sound.

It gets better. The app I downloaded will let me assign text to notifications, so my email alert is ’email’ and my twitter alert is ‘twitter’, etc. But I didn’t like the robot lady voice. There was a knob to pitch tune it, so I tuned it all the way down to RASPY LIPLESS GOBLIN voice.

A bajillion times a day (I get a lot of spam), a baritone hobgoblin goes ‘bing-bong***EMAIL***’ or ‘woot-woot***WHATSAPP***’ and it’s cracking me up.

Have a good Friday the 13th and rest of the week, y’all!

May 13, 2022 — 6:59 pm
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