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I can see my house from here!

Well, not from here. This is a promotional image from what many think is the coolest non-game application in VR: Google Earth.

When you get up close to things the details are kind of shit, but it’s derived from the other Google Earth, so you can go absolutely anywhere. You can fly like Superman! You can tilt and whirl and zoom. You can see everything from overhead, or fly right into the landscape. You can go faster, you can go slower.

You could also get pretty motion sick, if you’re prone to that. The default mode is supposed to mitigate that – whenever you move the image vignettes. I hate that. It makes it look like I am *not* flying around like Superman. Maybe Superman with glaucoma. Anyway, not cool.

With most applications, I have to disable the anti-motion-sickness devices because they ruin my fun.

I’m very chuffed today. I found two places I have never been able to find on Google Earth or Google Maps: my mother’s farm in Middle Tennessee and the family cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Both deep in the woods, which can make it hard to follow roads. I’ve tried and failed many times on flat maps, so maybe VR does make some applications work better.

You can take screenshots in VR, but I haven’t worked out the process of getting them off VR and onto my computer. Anyway, from a Superman-eye-view, both houses look like Legos dropped in the bushes, so you aren’t missing much.

Next I want Superman’s heat vision so I can fly over those bastards in Davos and burn them to a crisp. Good weekend, everyone!

May 20, 2022 — 4:43 pm
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