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The Summer fetes are upon us, after two dry years. Some of our favorites didn’t make it – though a couple of those died before the lockdown.

We went to two on Saturday. We knew most everyone at the first one and no-one at the second. I’m happy to say, it was absolutely 100% the old normal. People were hugging and shaking hands, there were no masks. I pointed it out to Uncle B and he was startled that he hadn’t even noticed.

It’s just so easy to fall back into that groove. If they try to lock us down again this Fall, they may have a time of it.

This pretty little church is in the village of Stone cum Ebony. We took a detour down a shady country lane to see it. We’ve never visited this one before – it’s kind of a trek for us – but we weren’t disappointed. English churches are left unlocked, even the very remote ones, so we could go inside and sit in the quiet for a while.

If you haven’t heard, blogosphere giant Dave in Texas died last Wednesday. He was once a major co-blogger at Ace of Spades and longtime member of the merry band at Innocent Bystanders.

I only Twitter knew him, but he was always a ray of fucking sunshine (it says so right in his bio). He was posting dog pictures the day before he died.

Internet bereavements are strange, aren’t they?

July 25, 2022 — 7:11 pm
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