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Ladies and gentlemen, the most expensive TV series ever made

This is a still from the Twitter trailer for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power coming this September from Amazon. The cost of the first season alone was $462 million. There is speculation that the entire series could cost a cool billion dollars.

Hahaha…like it will survive its first season.

The actual fandom is going to hate this thing, and if you’re not trying to appeal to the fandom, what exactly are you doing? You think Star Wars nerds are fussy about canon? Hoo boy! LOTR aficionados are like Medieval abbots.

I hate it, I’m not a super fan and all I saw was a one-minute trailer.

It’s not just the random race-swapping; the whole production is horribly tone deaf. The wise and beautiful Galadriel of the Tolkien books appears as some kind of sword-slinging action hero. Young Sauron is a dead ringer for Eminem, without the aura of menace. The CGI is good in places and bad in others but, point is, there’s way too much of it.

I hope it costs so much money even Bezos winces.

We have a winner! HottyTottyGirl takes the dick with Tony Dow. In a thrilling first for the Dead Pool, Dow was erroneously declared dead a few hours prematurely, giving our girl an open goal for a sneaky pick.

Back here? Tomorrow? 6 WBT? Dead Pool 155! You betcha!

July 28, 2022 — 7:18 pm
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