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It’s complicated

I know you can’t really read that. Click here for the graphic and the article that goes with.

The death of the queen triggered Operation London Bridge, the super-secret plan everyone knew existed but we didn’t know what was in it. They couldn’t really tactfully give us any hints in advance, could they? It’s released a whole torrent of ceremonies, regulations and suggestions upon the country.

So today was a wild scramble to find out if, like, our flag should fly at half mast.

Yes, today. No, tomorrow – Accession Day – then half again tomorrow night and it stays up at half mast day and night until the funeral. There is some sort of Accession ceremony tomorrow at town hall, but I don’t have to be there, so I didn’t bother learning more.

I keep trying to call Accession Day “Ascension Day” which is wrong. Funny and wrong.

Yes, BulldawgGirl wins another one. True story: yesterday – possibly at the very moment the queen passed over – I was at the post office, mailing BulldawgGirl a very overdue package. She will now go to the back of the shamefully long queue. I thank everyone for their patience.

Have a good weekend, and Happy Accession Day!

September 9, 2022 — 7:13 pm
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