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“Oh shit – I haven’t posted!”

My exact words to Uncle B just now. A Google Images search of “oh shit I haven’t posted” calls up, among other things, this hilarious ancient meme.

Oh, well. Wednesdays are my day off. Nothing happened. I cleaned out the vegetable crisper drawer on the fridge and got rid of all the pre-Christmas vegetables I didn’t eat. Wondered how you can tell if a parsnip is really off.

Oh, and my dreams of a nautical life are crushed. Uncle B said that boat probably doesn’t have a motor.

And I’m like – “at all? How does it move around?”

And he’s like – “it doesn’t.”

And I’m like – “wait, you just sit around tied to the dock? What’s the fun in that?”

And he’s like – “oh, yeah – it’s great.”

It doesn’t sound great. It sounds stupid. But then, I have to admit, that thing doesn’t really look seaworthy, does it? And there weren’t any pictures of a wheel or an engine or anything. I’ll be damned.

January 11, 2023 — 8:01 pm
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