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This a weird one

Photo by the Center for Egyptological Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, or CER RAS, who conducted the dig.

What you’re looking at is a pile of dead dogs with a child on top. The 8-year-old – sex is near impossible to determine at this age – was buried on a pile of 142 dogs. All died at the same time; no evidence of violence.

But wait! There’s more! The child was buried with a linen bag over its head.

The necropolis is in Faiyum Oasis, about 60 miles southwest of Cairo, and had burials in it for 1,100 years. Earliest so far is 400 BC. They have uncovered one other corpse with a bag over its head, and he was apparently executed (arrow to the chest).

The only clue, bits of blue clay were found around the dogs. Similar to stuff they find in Egyptian reservoirs.

So my guess is, the child was minding a pack of dogs. The Egyptians used dogs for hunting. And then something – a flash flood, little Timmy down a well? – and they all drowned together. As for the linen bag, though, I haven’t a theory.

January 17, 2023 — 6:10 pm
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