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Farewell to Mister Glenn Popo

Ladies and gentlemen, the world has lost a legendary ‘fro. I heard today that Po, the cockerel I managed to pawn off on a friend, has gone to the great henhouse in the sky. Died in his sleep.

He’s the one, you may recall, who inherited an entire harem when he moved, including a lady turkey. Though, I must say, the turkey didn’t care for him so I don’t think he got very far with her.

He was one of six internet eggs I hatched nearly four years ago. I called him Po – or Popo – because that’s what was written on his egg shell, presumably short for Poland. The little girls at his new home called him Mister Glenn Popo. Little girls, eh?

No, he couldn’t see very well and, when startled – and he was startled a lot – he would zoom around the garden and bump into things with much loud clonking.

I don’t like posting when I lose animals, but I have bugger-all else to say for myself. I sat around in the comfy chair all day.

March 1, 2023 — 7:18 pm
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