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The future is soon, maybe

Lookee here. I asked Brave a question and I got an AI answer. And it’s right, too. I’m not sure that I buy all the wonderful things AI will do for us, though.

Microsoft’s Bing AI sounds like a lunatic. Arguing, insulting, gaslighting…even flirting.

ChatGPT is the soyest of wokesters. I’ve signed up to play with ChatGPT, but I’m having trouble getting myself properly registered. It’s an email thing.

Oh, that thing I was asking about? The Key? It was a really stupid VR freebie. Twenty minutes of dark but unimpressive imagery and the final reveal is – surprise, the main character is a refugee. Then the narrator reads a bunch of statistics about refugees while you stand in one place staring out the window of her former hovel. There were no decisions at all, that I remember, and the only difficulty was moving around because the controls were retarded.

I’ve come to the conclusion that free VR content is the way it is because creators can get government grants to make it.

March 2, 2023 — 7:41 pm
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