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A little Greek swag

Pretty little cup to go with my fancy coffees. It’s the tiniest demitasse I ever did see, but I have a carafe for the coffee, so that’s okay.

The latest is me trying (and failing) to make a proper Turkish coffee. I can’t tell you how many YouTubes I’ve watched.

You start with a medium roast arabica, ground to a fine powder. Add one heaping teaspoon per cup plus sugar (if desired) and water into a cezve (I don’t have a one of them, but I do have a small copper-bottomed vessel I used for making chai).

Heat it slowly over medium heat until just before the boiling point. It bubbles up and you skim off the crema into a cup (a larger cup than this, obvs), then slowly pour in the coffee. The grounds either dissolve or sink to the bottom, I’m not sure which is supposed to happen.

Because it doesn’t. I get a giant mouthful of hot grounds. Every time.

Oh, well. Once I pour it through a filter, it makes a really very nice cup of coffee. It’s just not a Turkish coffee.

March 27, 2023 — 6:59 pm
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