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I’m not even sure *this* is English

I’m doing it, guys. I’m doing the last ever bit of paperwork – going for my British citizenship.

I’ve been eligible for years now, I’m just. You know. Lazy.

Also, I hate, hate, HATE dealing with the immigration authorities here. They’re all surly brown people with a chip on their hijab.

So this is a tick box: I have promised to provide “The United States of America passport, identity card or official letter for S. Weasel to prove the level of English language required”

What does that mean? Showing my passport proves I speak English? It doesn’t, you know.

Oh, well. If I make it, I have to go take an oath to Charlie in public and then I get a new citizen welcome kit. Really.

Going to cost me £1,330, too. Still, I’ll be able to commit misdemeanors and not get deported. Worth it!

March 31, 2023 — 6:34 pm
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