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Serenity now!

This is what I bought myself for my birthday. It’s a biofeedback dingus meditation aid. It fits across your forehead reads your brainwaves, heart rate, respiration and stillness.

Yes, somehow it knows when you fidget. I don’t know how it measures that, but I tested it and it does indeed chime at me when I twiddle my fingers.

It does seem to be accurately measuring brain activity, too. Depending on the ‘soundscape’ you choose, it plays – for example – high winds when your brain is active and gentle breezes and bird song when it’s calm. I tried counting backwards from 100 by sevens and nearly caused a tsunami.

There’s a newer model than this one, but it’s fabric and suitable to be worn overnight while you sleep. I didn’t need that and thus was able to get a new old tech version on Ebay for (relatively) cheap.

I need it today. My day started at 5 when the cat bit me and went downhill from there. Good weekend, all!

May 12, 2023 — 7:03 pm
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