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I *think* I passed

Have you done one of these yet? We’ve been trying for weeks to make me a signatory on the local art club’s account. They wanted ID (perfectly reasonable), but my only ID is my passport and it was away at the passport office.

Every two weeks, they wrote and demanded my passport. And of course there was no address to write and tell them to wait. Finally, my passport came (my passport came, y’all!) and they decided not to send me the link again, just a sniffy letter. This one did have a phone number, so I cajoled them into sending the link one more time.

The liveness check turns on your camera and has you do various 3D things. Move your head until your nose is on the dot. They move the dot down, move again. They move it up, move again. Slowly move your face toward the camera and done.

And then they asked for a document with my address on it – either a utility bill, a tax document or a bank statement. Newsflash, geniuses – they don’t send any of those in the mail any more and you guys were one of the main driving forces.

So I took a cellphone picture of my computer screen. We’ll see what they make of that.

February 1, 2024 — 6:37 pm
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