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New wellies!

Uncle B’s treat. I think this is the model: Swamp Master Galaxy. Only, I don’t think they have steel toes. I could get up and look, but that would involve getting out of this chair.

It’s a very comfy chair.

Now comes the hard part: throwing away my old wellies. I mean, they’re excellent wellies. They’ve lasted me, like, 15 years and they’re still in good shape. It’s just, the lining has come loose and gets pushed down a little more each time I put them on.

I’ve reglued the lining once and it lasted a good while. I could reglue them again.

I’m bad at letting go of things. Especially things that are trivial but personal. I have a feeling my old pair will end up in the closet. You know, just in case.

Good weekend, everyone!

February 2, 2024 — 7:40 pm
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