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A star is born

Hear me out: Drain Cleaning Australia.

Bruce from down under chatters and unblocks drains. That’s it. It’s weirdly therapeutic.

It’s not just me. He started the channel two years ago with short, silent how-to videos that evolved into 10 minutes of drain unblocking and snappy patter. On Friday, when I found him, he had 97,000 subscribers. Today, it’s 104,000.

Once the algorithm decides you’re onto something, it recommends you far and wide.

Bruce loves him some gross-out, some mis-direction and misleading click-baity titles (he admits this and asks for help coming up with them; said it makes a huge difference in engagement).

I picked one out for you that is a sink drain overcome with tree roots. Nothing too awful.

I avoid the ones with human waste. Grease traps are vomitous but sometimes spectacular and, honestly, they’re just grease. He cleaned out a coffee house drain once that looked appalling but it was only coffee grounds. He let you think it wasn’t for a while.

Fair warning: if you watch a few, YouTube will start recommending other drain unblocking channels. Yes – it’s a genre!

February 19, 2024 — 7:57 pm
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