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Welp, he just lost the British vote

(They don’t want Harry back).

Could he do this? He could. Harry admitted to illegal drug use in his autobiography, which is disqualifying.

I used to hang out in a forum for Americans immigrating to the UK, and (more rarely) vice versa. People think marriage is an automatic in. It ain’t.

I remember one case of a couple who married abroad – she was British and he was American – and he wasn’t allowed into the UK because he’d done time for a felony.

Sufficient lawyering can eventually overcome a case like that. In extremis, the European Human Rights lot will probably step in if appealed to (yes, sadly, the UK is still signed up to that madness). But they don’t half put you through years of courts and hearings and long distance relationships. Earning that British passport was a very scary and expensive process.

Going the other way – UK to US – is famously even tougher.

Trump probably wouldn’t really deport Harry, though. Sad.

Still no official Royal announcement.

March 19, 2024 — 8:01 pm
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