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If you take it, it will leak onto the internet

Yeah, it’s my moms circa 1960. Long time readers will have met my naked mother before. I think this is the third time I’ve posted it. On this blog; I prolly posted it first to USENET a thousand years before that.

In the old days, chilruns, none of this camera phone and iCloud for us. If we wanted nude pics to leak onto the internet, we had to take Polaroids and scan them and leak it all ourselves. *shakes fist*

I haven’t looked at any of the pictures from the latest celebrity nude snapshot hacker challenge. Not really my fetish. But I’m going to go out on a limb here. Unless the pictures were desperately unflattering (and why would anyone keep desperately unflattering nude pictures?), I’m’a guess the celebrities involved really are not all that outraged at the leak.

I mean, we’re talking a population famously on the high side for howling exhibitionist narcissism-bags.

Actors, not my mom. Well, okay, yes. My mom also.


Comment from S. Weasel
Time: September 2, 2014, 9:38 pm

I just did an image search, and this image appears here and at the Hostages…and at one rather unpleasant amateur porn site. Not too bad after all these years rocketing around the webs.

I remember that couch 🙁

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: September 2, 2014, 11:36 pm

Ooof, sounds like stunned silence in here :+) …nice picture!

I’m sure this whole ‘leaked pictures’ thing was staged…publicity stunt to boost the actresses profiles. None of them are all that…sick of these Hollywood starlets looking down their noses at the rest of us.

Comment from David Gillies
Time: September 3, 2014, 2:11 am

I just looked through the Camera Roll on my iPhone and boy was it slim pickings for hackers. But modern devices are incredibly promiscuous in what they share. Every time someone sends me a photo or video it goes in the Camera Roll, into iCloud via PhotoStream when I enable it, and it also gets put in my Dropbox (which means it’s copied to six other machines). I want this behaviour, but discipline is necessary.

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: September 3, 2014, 3:22 am

Yeah, Windows 8.x has this ‘OneDrive’ thing built in…have to be careful not to save documents there cuz it even shows up in the Save As dialog box.

When I change the desktop wallpaper on one Windows 8 box, it changes on the other one I have.

Comment from Bob
Time: September 3, 2014, 6:03 am

Apple spokesperson says iCloud wasn’t hacked. The individual accounts were accessed with correct usernames and passwords or PINS.

Comment from mojo
Time: September 3, 2014, 6:15 am

No mistakes, no retrys, just right in? Sounds like a phone scraper.

Comment from Tom
Time: September 3, 2014, 1:13 pm

“No mistakes, no retrys, just right in? Sounds like a phone scraper.”

I imagine that whoever is the phone provider to the stars is being rather uncomfortably questioned by some ill-mannered government types right about now.

Comment from Some Quasimodo
Time: September 3, 2014, 3:24 pm

Boiled down to its essence, the fundamental underlying thing at work here is a feminine thing which I, as a male, have never been able to grasp clearly.

Women want to looked at and admired, and go to great lengths to display their beauty, going as far as nude self-portraits.

However, women only want to looked at and admired by somebody when theywant to be looked at and admired, and only by people who meet their criteria as acceptable admirers.

Very cat-like behaviour.

Comment from surly ermine
Time: September 3, 2014, 4:38 pm

“1,2,3,4,5? That’s the kind of combination an idiot would have on his luggage.”

Comment from Christopher Taylor
Time: September 3, 2014, 5:49 pm

Having seen a few of them, none seem unflattering and I doubt anyone is terribly upset about the pics. Most are of ‘celebrities’ I’ve barely or never heard of, from the list I’ve seen.

The thing is, apparently most of these were pics taken on their i-phone that automatically without their knowing or intent were uploaded to the cloud. And stayed there after being deleted off their phones.

And that’s another whole ball of wax.

Comment from Some Vegetable
Time: September 3, 2014, 8:28 pm

I will agree. Penalties for hackers should be much more severe. It’s not what was hacked that is important as much as the hacking itself. The burglar is no less guilty of bank robbery if the bank vault was empty.

Comment from Deborah
Time: September 3, 2014, 8:34 pm

Stoaty—would you elaborate on doing an “image search.” How did you search for a particular photograph?

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: September 3, 2014, 8:45 pm

Several things you can do, Deborah. To find this image on my site, I did this kind of Google Images search:

nude site:sweasel.com

Which limits the search to the site. But to see where else a known picture is used, it depends on your browser and plugin. You can use a service like tineye, or for most of us, right click on the image in Google Images search and choose “search Google for this image.”

It’s amazing how fast it does search and turn up matches. I do that all the time to find larger versions of an image so I can P’shop them.

Comment from Deborah
Time: September 3, 2014, 9:21 pm

Ohhhh. Thanks! A few of my photos have ended up on Google and I’ve wondered where they may have gone. One night I saw one of them on FOX News!

Comment from Uncle Badger
Time: September 3, 2014, 9:54 pm

Sue, Deborah – Murdoch can afford it! 😉

Comment from Deborah
Time: September 3, 2014, 10:01 pm

Ah well. It was in 2008—before Murdoch!

Comment from Jaclyn
Time: September 23, 2014, 3:56 am

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