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I’ll see your woodpecker-riding weasel…

Nope. Not my work. Oh, also there is this (which is apparently real).

We’re starting to see the new lambs appearing in the fields, which cheers me up no end. We haven’t had a bad Winter at all (sorry ‘Merkins), but I’m still ready to see it go.


Comment from Uncle Al
Time: March 12, 2015, 11:08 pm

Yesterday I saw a stately pair of Sandhill cranes chaperoning a non-stately pair of fuzzy Sandhill cranelets that couldn’t have been more than a few days out of their eggs. Nice photo here (not my photo, alas).

I expect to see more of this delightful stuff here in Sarasota County, Florida, where a few weeks ago it did get down to 41°F (5°C) and so I had to put on socks under my sandals. But today it was 88°F, or a bit over 31°C.

To Mah Fellah Merkins: neener.

Comment from J.S.Bridges
Time: March 12, 2015, 11:13 pm

Hey, I’m in the Carolinas, down on the Coast (near-’bouts, anyways) – already gettin’ the lawn-and-other-outdoors equipment out and ready for usage – barring any untoward “incident(s)” over the next week or so, we’re well into Spring, and Winter is totes ovah!

Though we did have one day (!) with visible snowfall – ’bout two-an’-a-half to three weeks back – followed by a day of ice-cladding on tree limbs and shrubbery, that was the last thrust of an altogether-mild Winter, which is now outta here!!

Robins on the lawn last week, busily engaged in foraging…next thing ya know, time to sharpen blades and other implements for a final round of pruning & primping – then, brace up for lawn-cutting/leaf-mulching to commence…

Comment from Steamboat McGoo
Time: March 13, 2015, 1:45 am

Ah! The ferrying of the spring lambs!

I remember when the spring lambs walked… uphill, both ways.

Comment from Scubafreak
Time: March 13, 2015, 3:53 am



Comment from Stark Dickflüßig
Time: March 13, 2015, 6:08 am

Hrm, why are so many news sites running stories about what great health Poutine is in?

Comment from Deborah HH
Time: March 13, 2015, 1:31 pm

I enjoyed reading the Rye and Battle Observer; small-town newspapers are my favorite.

Spring is running late to San Antonio, in my opinion. Of course, spring lasts about one week here, then it’s summer! I’ve been using the U.S. Naval Observatory’s Sun or Moon Altitude/Azimuth Tables to determine the best time of the day to get my UVB rays for my daily dose of Vitamin D.

Mostly I am just looking at my flowerbeds, trying to decide what to do with them. This gardening stuff is all new to me. I want to create a moon garden (white flowers that bloom at night, or are the most fragrant at night) so we can enjoy the courtyard late in the day. But I want to use Texas natives and I won’t plant anything that’s poisonous to pets, so that makes for a very short list.

Comment from Wolfus Aurelius
Time: March 13, 2015, 1:35 pm

We never got any winter, or much fall, this year in Da Swamp. Already it’s up to 75 F. nearly every day. I keep telling the idiots here, “If it’s 75 in March, it’ll be 95 in July,” but they look at me as if I’m speaking Sanskrit.

Understand, I’m not speaking of the crisp warmth of Colorado or anyplace with an elevation higher than a weathered boat dock. Noooo. This is the kind of sticky nasty warmth that feels like warm slime under your clothes. For 10 months.

People here all seem to love it.

People here are, in the main, idiots.

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: March 13, 2015, 8:42 pm

Stark: because he disappeared for a few days.

Comment from drew458
Time: March 13, 2015, 9:10 pm

My wonderful Weber grill is peeking through the quickly melting snow pile on the patio. Today I was able to take the garbage out without putting on a jacket. I’ll trade you, Wolfus, although perhaps only for a week or two. I don’t like the hot and sticky weather either. But it beats -17.

Comment from Armybrat
Time: March 13, 2015, 10:21 pm

Here in Boston, we’ve had enough winter for everybody. And this winter just put me over the edge. Planning the escape. 5 more years and then we move to a canal house in the sunshine state

Comment from Nina
Time: March 14, 2015, 12:00 am

Really warm outside at the moment, we’re grilling burgers. TWC says its 78F at 5 PM.

Comment from The Mad Soprano
Time: March 16, 2015, 8:41 pm

Is this going to become a meme?

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