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Back to work in the morning, hi ho!

It’s a running joke in England that rotten weather waits for long weekends (or bank holidays, as they call them) and then pounces. It’s usually true, too.

Not this time. I’ve never known a more perfect consecutive four days of weather. Sunny, hot in the sun, cool in the shade. Light breeze. Man, I could stand a whoooole lot of this.

Pictured, the kittens we watched coming into the world a couple of weeks ago (okay, no we didn’t…in the end, they whisked her away for a c-section off camera because complications). They aren’t exactly all growed up, but their eyes are open and their at that stage where they try to romp and play but their wiring isn’t up to it. It’s unbearably cute. Livestream.

The other pregnant cat from that post still hasn’t dropped kitten. She looks like a miserable furry beachball.

p.s. trying to find the perfect screen grab for you, I finally bothered to Google the YouTube navigation commands. On pause, you can go one frame forward or back with the , and . keys. Enjoy!

p.p.s. Other Kitty had her kittens in the night. Looks to me like three blackies and a ginger. If you poke the link above, that’s what you’ll see this morning.


Comment from OldFert
Time: April 23, 2019, 1:16 am

I love weather like that. And kittens (that aren’t mine). We took in a kitten when I was a kid. Spaying wasn’t a thing then, and we wound up with 27 cats. Took quite a while to give them away when we moved from NJ to Virginia.

Speaking of videos, I’d like to find a good wireless, solar-panel-powered, all-weather camera for out back. Many of the ones I see are for security surveillance (spying) and have visible lights come on when it’s dark and motion’s detected.

This one would be for Mrs Fert’s combination bird, squirrel, and cat feeder. (Birds and squirrels eat seeds, cats eat birds and squirrels. We even had a hawk drop by and eat a dove or two.)

Camera to feeder would be no more than 20 feet. Would like to view images on computer or cell phone.

Any good suggestions from my imaginary friends here? Since we’re quite the international group, I’ll specify that I’m looking for use in the USA.

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: April 23, 2019, 3:52 am


Many [such cameras] have visible lights come on when it’s dark and motion’s detected.

I have no experience with the kind of camera you’re looking for, but I do have experience with electronic/digital gadgetry with unwanted lights. I use tape to cover the light(s); I prefer black plastic electrician’s tape or if that’s not handy, duct tape. If I were you (and I know I’m not), I’d find the most reasonably priced camera with the specs I wanted and then simply tape the light(s).

If you still had cats, you could stream the live feed from the feeder to a TV or monitor and fascinate their tiny little predatory minds!

Comment from Armybrat
Time: April 23, 2019, 12:24 pm

OldFert- look at Netgear Arlo Pro cameras. I live in the city and many of my neighbors have these mounted to watch their doors and cars parked on the street. I have a couple of the Nest cameras in my unit (used to be to keep an eye on the cat and kittykeepers when we were on vacation) but their outdoor cameras still require a power source. I think the netgear cameras have a 2+year battery life. That and easy app/easy set up make them pretty popular around here.

Comment from Wolfus Aurelius
Time: April 23, 2019, 12:51 pm

Hard to believe that my two furry thugs (14 and 12 pounds) were once that tiny.

Comment from OldFert
Time: April 23, 2019, 2:16 pm

Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions!

Comment from iamfelix
Time: April 23, 2019, 10:29 pm

Q: What’s better’n kittens?

A: Nuthin’.

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