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Merry Christmas, y’all!

Having a wonderful one.

The artist is Adriana de Matos, born in Portugal but lives in Scotland. This is the Christmas card Uncle B gave me.

It catches me out every year. I forget he starts festivities with a card and I usually forget to get him one. Is exchanging cards part of your family tradition?

Hope you’re having a good one. Our Christmas dinner is an evening meal, so pardon me while I go boil sweet potatoes. Carry on Dead Pooling!


Comment from Deborah HH
Time: December 25, 2021, 5:09 pm

Merry Christmas to Badger House, and All Who Dwell Within! What a darling card. I hope you have pretty weather. (I don’t remember my family exchanging Christmas cards within the family itself.)

We had our Christmas Dinner yesterday, with JavaSon and his family, and my sister and her family. Lots of food, lots of presents in pretty papers and ribbons. I “gave” the younger Granddaughter a kitten (with parental blessing), which means on Thursday they all trooped off to the nearby city animal shelter, and came home with a dark gray tabby. If the wee scrap of bone and fur survives being loved half-to-death by the granddaughter he’ll be a great cat I think.

Merry Christmas to all of Stoaty’s Friends!

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: December 25, 2021, 7:09 pm

Merry Christmas SWeasy and the gang! :+)

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: December 25, 2021, 7:20 pm

Gray tabbies, in my experience, are wonderful beasties. All of mine have had go-to-hell attitudes, but that’s just cat.

Comment from Uncle Badger
Time: December 25, 2021, 8:20 pm

Merry Christmas, fellow minions! Just getting the stove started and then it’s on to the turkey.


Comment from durnedyankee
Time: December 26, 2021, 1:02 am

Merry Christmas to all!

Twas the day of Christmas
and all through the house
the A/C was running
Cuz we live in the South

The windows are closed
to keep out the hot air
so we took off our stockings
and our feet are all bare

The fridge in the garage
is filled with cheap beer
and old bottles of champagne
we won’t drink out of fear

the four dogs of the pack
are all begging for food
scratching my legs
and acting quite rude

On Tinkerbell, Lucy
Lola and Lilly!
Stop jumping up on me!
This poem’s gotten silly.

Comment from bds
Time: December 26, 2021, 3:46 am

Merry Christmas all! Our Christmas dinner consists of cheese and crackers (many cheeses, crackers, etc. — with three boys, instead of a charcuterie tray we have a charcuterie table). We decided many years ago that the fuss of making a big meal took too much time away from the family on Christmas itself, so we just graze.
We still do a turkey with all the fixings, mostly for the sake of leftovers, but that will be in a couple days.

Comment from dissent555
Time: December 26, 2021, 7:34 am

Desmond Tutu has gone on to his great reward.

Congrats to Armybrat.

Comment from BJM
Time: December 26, 2021, 11:06 am

@Stoaty You’re boiling sweet potatoes? Por Que?

@Durned, you never disappoint.

@bds Now that all the ham baking grannies and lasagna making moms have passed, we do the same…a friend gifted his smoked venison sausage and gravlax for the spread. No one was driving home, and were all adults this year, so we had a Champers and chocolate pairing thingie, which was fun.

Ha! Armybrat found a dick in her stocking, eh? That is indeed a Merry Christmas Eve.

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: December 26, 2021, 12:34 pm

See! I knew I wasn’t crazy when I suggested Christmas lasagna!

As we old Red Sox fans used to chant back in the day
“Just wait till next year!”

We could get red and green lasagna noodles to do it with too! And use Sunday gravy for the sauce.

Comment from Cantharkmycry
Time: December 26, 2021, 3:35 pm

Glad Yuletide all!
I’m with you, bds–the less fussing, the happier I am.
And I’m also curious about the boiling of sweet potatoes. . .
Lasagna for Christmas is something I first heard of when I started working at a law firm in which two of the three partners and one of the three secretaries were of Italian heritage–seems it’s a big thing, here in Schenectady. Although, possibly “was” is the appropriate tense, given BJM’s pooint.

Comment from Blake
Time: December 26, 2021, 10:33 pm

Merry Christmas, Sweasel!

As for boiling sweet potatoes, well, they know what they did.

Comment from Rich Rostrom
Time: December 27, 2021, 3:08 am

boil sweet potatoes”? Quel horreur!

Comment from Tim Carlson
Time: December 27, 2021, 8:31 am

M E R R Y _ C H R I S T M A S ! ! !

I did nothing Christmas-y this year. I (we) have been too busy moving into our half-built house (the bedrooms and master bathroom are done – what more do you need?). Also keeping my head down and trying to not let the godawful karaoke here trigger me.

Next year – lots of Christmas-y activities and stuffs, as long as the authorities allow us. However, they may kill me next year trying to force me to get vaccinated. It’s almost to the point where I don’t dare step foot off my property.

*sigh* I’ve been pretty much stuck in my house(s) for the past two years. I’m getting sick of it. Can you tell?

And next weekend is New Years Eve, and this country turns into a veritable war zone for two days. And I don’t have my bunker finished in the new house yet. Oy…

Comment from S. Weasel
Time: December 27, 2021, 4:32 pm

Oh, it’s not as gross as it sounds, Rich, but it’s hugely self-indulgent. I boil sweet potatoes, pull the skins off and then mash them up with obscene amounts of butter and brown sugar. Then bake the result.

It’s one of the few really sweet foods that I like for some reason.

Comment from LesterIII
Time: December 28, 2021, 1:05 am

Stoaty, next time try adding a couple shots of bourbon to your mix prior to baking. As attested by my Grandmother, it allows magic to happen.

Comment from BJM
Time: December 28, 2021, 4:41 am

@Stoaty…I bake the sweet taters in their skins before mashing…makes it richer…like it needs to be richer.

@Durned, Durned, Durned…smh. Back away from the mob movies. Salsa (di pomodoro) or Sugo (di carne), but never gravy…the word doesn’t even exist in Italian.

The Spousal Unit calls leftovers second-hand food…and shall never touch the Christmas lasagna.

@Canthark…yeah it’s a big deal, we were married over 20 years before I was trusted with the MIL’s lasagna recipe.

Comment from Anonymous
Time: December 28, 2021, 1:37 pm

@BJM 🙂

And, Stoaty–I endorse BJM’s approach to the sweet potatoes in that particular sweet potato dish. Bake, not boil.
Also, some chopped pecans add an interesting texture (and taste)–but I also understand fully the commitment to the dish the way it has always been made, so. . .

Comment from Cantharkmycry
Time: December 28, 2021, 11:10 pm

Oops! Anonymous was me… Posting from my phone…

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