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There once was a stoat from Pawtucket…

I had to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles this morning and deal with some paperwork. The state’s main DMV is in Pawtucket (Home of the Rude Limerick) and for several years now has been housed in what used to be a department store. I bought a microwave there once. They took out the clothing racks, brought in some cubicles and left everything else the way it was, which is a little brain-hurty. On the wall behind the Registrations lady was a sign that said, “No More Than 4 Items at a Time in the Dressing Rooms.”

I asked her about it, and she said the higher ups were so certain they’d be moving to a proper building right away, they didn’t want to do anything to settle in. Three and half years and counting. It’s a shabby and depressing place, but the staff are much friendlier than they used to be and the process isn’t too slow or painful.

But, jeez, last few times I’ve been in there, everyone waiting in line has been very young, very recently immigrated, very shabby or had…something wrong with them. I know that dealerships take care of the plates for new cars, but surely everyone has to show up in person for his or her driver’s license photo? Where are the shiny middle-class people? Is there a special Middle Class Day? Why didn’t somebody tell me?

If I’ve been stricken off the White Privilege Mailing List again, I’m going to be so pissed.

March 27, 2007 — 4:13 pm
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We’d be in a world of hurt

If spammers weren’t such utter retards. I just picked this one out of the spam filter:

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Yeah, I hate when I get swift trucking tepee pneumonia. It lingers on for weeks.

— 6:28 am
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Damien communicates with the mothership



charlottesniffing.jpgI tend to fire off dozens of photographs at a time and then evaluate them solely by thumbnails. As a result, I often don’t notice oddball images like the one above, taken when Damien was about eight weeks old. Directly above his face, just out of the shot, is a two-bulb fluorescent desklamp of the kind once used by draughtsmen (I got it from work when they shut down our ink-and-paper drafting operations), but with modern warm fluorescent bulbs. This light frequently confuses automatic exposure controls, which seldom get the white balance right for it. I take a lot of very yellow pictures under this light.

The cats are oddly fascinated by it. Charlotte in particular — who experiences the world largely through her nose — greets this lamp by starting at one end and smelling carefully down its entire length. And sometimes all the way back up again. I suspect it smells like delicious houseflies.

— 5:54 am
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