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Hey, check this thing! It’s a Gorillapod. It’s a sort of flexible tripod. Those legs are cleverly jointed so that they bend easily when you want them to, but are sturdy and hold their grip when you let go. So you can use it as a standard tripod, or hook it around a limb or throw it over a cubicle. And the two joints directly under the camera make it easy to move it level it once you’ve got it in position.

I’ve been hankering for a tripod, but the little ones are such crap and the big ones are so heavy. This thing is perfect to take out in the woods. It’s light and strong and I can wrap it around a branch and take pictures of my butt. It was a little cheaper in my store than it is buying directly from them.

Get one! I command it!

I was in the camera store to have a passport photo taken. I had the last one taken there ten years ago (by the same guy, I think). Ten years. Ten years that have marched across my face in combat boots. With cleats. I consoled myself that at least I wouldn’t have the same short geeky haircut this time. No. But I have a clump of rogue hair sticking out over my ear. A Nerd Flag. Nice.

March 29, 2007 — 5:02 pm
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Word of the day: crepuscular

It means an animal that is active in twilight (as opposed to nocturnal or diurnal). I ran across it in an article about weasels (which are mostly crepuscular, unless they get the wicked munchies). Crepuscular can be further divided into matinal and vespertine — active at dawn or dusk. Derived, I assume, from the morning and evening prayers matins and vespers.

Animals can change their time orientation in response to local threats (such as the presence or absence of certain predators). I assume living on the edges of human civilization tends to push animals toward being nocturnal or crepuscular. At least, in my own experience hiking suburban conservation lands, I am far more likely to see animals when I go out very early or stay out late.

— 8:58 am
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