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Huh. This again.

my office

Man, am I glad somebody reminded me it was Hallowe’en. I saw a helpdesk nerd go by my cubicle with CD’s taped all over his shirt and thought somebody’d slipped mescaline into the water cooler.

This’ll be short and pointless. My trip home was a cascading clusterfuck. There was some boring delay at every stage of the journey. By the time I got home, I’d been at it twenty four hours…an experience I would have laughed away in my youth (ha HA), but rough duty on an elderly weasel. Then a few hours sleep and in to Soulless Incorporated.

My mind is a perfect and absolute blank. Into which I shall now pour alcohol.

October 31, 2007 — 5:16 pm
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And then came home again

stoat returning

Of course, I’m just guessing here. I wrote this two weeks ago. For all I know, we had a horrible falling out under the strain and it’s all over.


Do me a favor. If I come back tomorrow and act like nothing happened and never mention Britain again, we’ll just go on like before, ‘K?

October 30, 2007 — 7:27 am
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My poor pussoes

cats discuss lolstoats

This is the point of the trip where I start to feel guilty about my cats. I imagine them shuffling around the house going “miaowwwwww…” in forlorn voices. They always have HUGE eyes, like those paintings.

In truth, I left them a way in and out through the basement, so they’ve probably had the time of their lives. And I’ve undoubtedly been feeding their friend, the Big Black Cat Who Is Not At All Intimidated By Me. Dude eats out of their bowl even when I’m IN the house.

Damnedest thing. My two are usually territorial (especially Charlotte), but they don’t seem to mind this guy.

October 29, 2007 — 7:26 am
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sleeping badger and weasel

In an apparent murder/suicide pact, two mustelids were found dead today in the front room of their newly purchased house in the South of England.

Yeah, that’s for all of you who went “awwwww…”

October 28, 2007 — 6:22 am
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Radio controlled weasel

tuckered weasel

S’okay. No stoats were harmed in the making of this LOL. This little dude had a nice new radio collar on, which I painted out.

Is it “plum tuckered” or “plumb tuckered”? I got hits on both. This British site goes with “plumb” — which is probably correct.

October 27, 2007 — 6:12 am
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No restesing for the wicked

badger resteses

October 26, 2007 — 7:11 am
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Ain’t it the troof?

weasel has innernets

October 25, 2007 — 7:09 am
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Stoopid badgers

weasel and badger

Uncle B has been up at the flat daily on the innernets. He’s got this stuff called ‘work’ that he claims requires a connection.

Pff! Dude has no idea what the internet is for.

October 24, 2007 — 7:03 am
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I prefer a trackball

weasel and mouse

This is the same photo shoot as the one a couple of days ago, with the dead animal hovering just above the weasel. This one needed a little more editing, of course.

I hope he bit somebody.

October 23, 2007 — 6:02 am
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QWERTY weasel

weasel on keyboard

October 22, 2007 — 7:00 am
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