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The Portuguese Escudo: 1911 – 1999

portuguese escudos

Portuguese escudos. What? It came up in a thread, so I figured I’d dig out a few.

“Escudo” means “shield” in Portuguese. The denomination was adopted in 1910, after the Republican revolution. It replaced the real. There are 100 centavos in an escudo, and escudo amounts are written escudos$centavos (except it isn’t really a dollar sign in the middle; theirs has two strokes).

The escudo was in trouble in the early 20th C, especially after a counterfeiting operation was traced to the Bank of Portugal. Oops. Eventually it stabilized and was pegged to the British pounds, then the US dollar and finally abandoned for the stupid Euro.

That lady looks familiar. I think she’s a smurf.

I have the world’s stupidest coin collection; nothing I own is worth anything. I just like to play with moneys.

May 1, 2008 — 12:14 pm
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This is what one of them looks like


Everybody alright? Check to make sure, did your buddy make it through okay? Right!

I’ll probably never top this Ace-o-lanche, on account of New Comments Thingie went down just after Ace teased the link, so the morons were stuck with nothing to do and a big fat mystery link staring them in their slack moonfaces. Morons abhor a mystery.

And the reason they call it a ‘lanche, once Ace hit it, the Grapevine picked it up, and the Rottweiler and…lots of other folks I’ll have to pick out of my logs and followup. And I’ll do it, too, just in case somebody somewhere said something halfway nice about me.

The peak was probably a couple of hours later (that’s usage by hour up there), but I was down in the basement with a big glass of vodka and a crooked little smile.

Thanks for dropping by, y’all. You’ve made an attention whore very happy.

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