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So, what did I do on my actual birthday?


Welllll…first thing in the morning, I had a dentist appointment. Just a cleaning, but it wasn’t very festive. Then I remembered this was the day my driver’s license expired. Stupid procrastination.

The main DMV for Rhode Island is in the old Apex building in Pawtucket, a department store in happier times. I bought something there once. There’s a sign behind the information lady that says “No more than three garments at a time in dressing rooms.” Last time I was there, I pointed to it. She shrugged. When they moved in, they were told not to change anything because it was only temporary and they’d be out within the year. That was…some years ago.

Well, they motor through things pretty efficiently, anyhow. Within fifteen minutes, Magic Voice called my number.

They give you a choice now: new photo or stick with the old one. My old license photo was awful, so I confidently toe’d the line for a new one.

Bad idea. I was grievously hungover from birthday celebrations the night before and it showed. At the last moment, I decided I should open my eyes wide and only one of them obeyed. So my eyes came out two radically different sizes, like Moron Billy made flesh.

Worst. Licence picture. Evarrrrr.

Then I came home, ate a big ol’ steak and drank a great deal of alcohol. So it was like every other day, really.

Today I have to drive up to Boston and appear in a corporate video. When you work in the multimedia department, you get volunteered for this duty sometimes. I fucking HATE it. I have terrible stage fright. I’m going to swallow a Xanax the size of my thumb in a minute. After which I shall no doubt say grossly inappropriate things on camera.

So I’m flying the ‘light blogging’ flag today. Talk amongst yourselves.

May 14, 2008 — 7:07 am
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