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Officially: worse than Hitler!

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DAMN it! If you noticed the marked absence of Weasel today, it’s because I made the Internet Naughty List.

I thought it was just my local IT department noticing the suspicious stream of traffic going to one small weblog, but Enas says sweasel.com is blocked for him, too. The reason given him was “tasteless” — which, you know, I’d happily cop to if it weren’t for all the egregiously tastlesser stuff out there that isn’t on the list. Like, the whole rest of the Internet, not counting porn, guns and neo-Nazi sites. And I’m not positive about neo-Nazi sites.

Anybody know who I appeal to? Obviously, I can’t make inquiries at work — this would be an especially bad time to get my silky sable ass fired — but somebody somewhere must know how to work out what list your company is using.

If they think I’m going to knuckle under and do my job or some shit, they don’t know the meaning of “weasel.”

July 17, 2008 — 3:56 pm
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