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Itch: scratched

Ahhhhh…a little higher…a little to the right. Ohhhhhh, yesssssss…that’s the spot!

Our little rootin’ tootin’ moose-shootin’ five-foot-nothing hockeymom beautyqueen done real good, didn’t she?

Okay, here’s what I don’t get. The moment I heard Sarah Palin was the nominee last week, I did what every self-respecting card-carrying noun-hyphen-adverb does in 2008 — I ran right to Google and plugged her in. I read up on her, old and new. Pro and con. Then I did a Google Images search and gave her the hairy eyeball. I wanted to hear her speak, so I watched footage of a debate performance in the Alaska gubenatorial race. I spent maybe an hour at it, and then I pretty much made up my mind.

So when I watched the repeat of her speech on C-SPAN this morning, it was exactly what I expected. I’m not being self-congratulatory. I don’t send my dad a Father’s Day card without Googling to make sure I spell his name right and I assume everyone who works with words and images does the same.

So how the hell could our mainstream media be caught so flat-footed by her performance? We know they read D-KOS, because they helped spread that stupid lying trash about Trig Palin. So, like, we know they have computers with internet. How could they POSSIBLY not read a little news while they’re at it? (You know what this means: other than the echo chamber of the op/ed pages, they don’t consume their own product. No wonder it’s such shite).

Seriously, how come nobody in the fucking media spent ten fucking minutes in the last fucking week doing their fucking jobs? See, it’s not just about bias. We also hate you because you’re HUGELY AND GIGANTICALLY INCOMPETENT. You SUCK. God. You’re too lazy and stupid to be decent partisan hacks, never mind proper journalists.

Well, thank Christ for that, I guess.

September 4, 2008 — 8:30 am
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