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Community organizing his own ass right into a forked stick

will community organize for votes

Well, well…the Chosen One has awfully thin skin, it turns out. Mustn’t mock. (I didn’t realize Obama’s brand of ‘community organizing’ included working with ACORN, the ‘get out the vote’ group that gets out the votes of dead people and illegal immigrants. More detail from Michelle Malkin in National Review Online today).

Obama’s early and broad appeal was largely because he was so gosh darned likeable. Even your humble Weasel bought into it. I was, like, “they love their guy, I hate our guy, we can’t win them all…let’s give them this one.”

That began to unravel long before I caught Palinmania. The disastrous trip to Europe was his first big stumble (dude, you don’t cross the Atlantic and trash talk America).

And then…Joe Biden! Fucking Slow Joe Biden, whom I have despised ever since I watched him put my favorite jurist’s tits through the wringer (Thomas, not Bork). What did that pick say? “I know what America needs, and it’s pretty much somebody exactly like McCain, but without the War Hero stuff.” Bad, bad mistake. I don’t think he could possibly have run with Hillary, but he SO TOTALLY should’ve picked somebody as new and interesting and Hopey Changey as he is, to maintain the Illusion. A gassy old DC wheeze like Biden is tragically wrong for the part.

And now it looks like Obama has a glass jaw. VP candidates brawl. It’s what they do. P candidates don’t respond. It’s what they don’t — if they don’t want to look weak and defensive.

O-pollo voluntarily came down from O-lympus. Ho ho ho. How’s that ‘mortality’ thing working for you, pal?

September 5, 2008 — 9:36 am
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