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It’s Zola!

zola the puppy


To hell with politics. Look — a puppy!

Yes, after weeks of hype and tease and adorable puppy photos, the Glorious Lemur King has finally picked out a damn dog.

Wander over and help him pick out a name, too (nah, just kidding. I’ve already emailed his wife. It’s going to be Pretty Princess Poofypants, for sure). 


Whoa! For those of you who have written me that you’re stuck in the spam filter, you’re not. I’ve just tried to post a comment, like, six times and it just vanishes into the ether. Just, gone. I don’t know if my host is having database issues or we’re being ‘lanched to our knees (the melty Obama graphic is getting a lot of link love), but please be patient and don’t go away. Weasel would be lost without her imaginary friends who live in the computer…

I filed a help ticket in with my host, though whether this is a database issue or some problem with WordPress, I have no idea. It would have to happen on a big ol’ link day (you know how it is — you’re always having sex on the kitchen table when the vicar always drops by for tea). Now would be the time to tell me what you really think, and take a gamble that the comments are still busted.

Four hours. Four hours without a comment from a minion. Oh god, I miss you. I miss your ASCII. I miss the way your nose wrinkles when you post a dirty word. I can’t go on, trapped by myself in this blog, alone with the sibilant shusssss, shusssss, shussss of my own pulse. Somebody, please, take my keys away before I DUI on the information superhighway…

September 10, 2008 — 4:45 pm
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I love this election so much, I want to marry it!

stinky fish

“You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

“You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called ‘change,'” Obama continued, “it’s still gonna stink after eight years.”

–The Greatest Orator of Our Time

One weekend, many years ago, without any warning, my employer built a speed bump at the entrance to the employee parking lot. It was a beaut, too; uncommonly deep and high. Like a ski slope. Sadly, there was no time to paint it danger orange. I came whipping in the back way in my two-seater weaselmobile, hit that thing at speed and shot into the air like a free bird. I had just enough time to look down at the ground in astonishment and think, “I’m airborne! Why am I airborne?”

So, Senator Obama, I feel yer. You do not like this place you are at, and you don’t know how you got here. Both Obama and John McCain have used the “lipstick on a pig” line before without controversy. It’s a fairly common expression. But the audience reaction makes it clear they drew a connection to Sarah “Lipstick on a Pitbull” Palin this time. So he doubles down with a “stinky fish” remark? Oy!

Of course he didn’t mean it that way. If he’d had time to mull it over, he wouldn’t dare. But Sarah Palin is worrying him like a loose tooth, and she plucked the remark right out of his head for him. There’s a reason pshrinks make patients free-associate: sometimes we blurt things that have meaning.

Like maybe Mister Hopey von Changerstein has…woman issues.

Update: well, well, well. According to the first comment on this post at Pajamas Media, Obama used “lipstick on a pig” in more speeches than one, and the crowd reacted in a way that made it clear they made the Palin connection. The commenter gives links to two YouTubes, which I can’t reach from work. If he’s described them accurately, then Hopé Changelio didn’t just blurting out something foolish. He meant it. Correction: oops. My bad. This is why I shouldn’t post until I see the YouTube. It was the “flipping the bird” thing he apparently did twice (and in exactly the same spot in the speech).

— 8:56 am
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