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old is not the least cool thing

Bonus weekend shameless partisan hackery! Click for rehue and uplargenment.

I’m not sure about the tagline. I mean, I think you should own your weaknesses whenever possible, but the double negative is a little brain-hurty.

Alternative: “Who’s bringing cool back to what, now?”

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I really hesitated over this one. It is, generally speaking, a really rotten idea to mention death within five miles of a presidential candidate. So please, dear respected members of the Secret Service, interpret the Valley Girl sentence structure as an amusing colloquialism and not a reference to actual mortality or even harm.

In conclusion, don’t lock up my ass. Thank you.




September 13, 2008 — 11:43 am
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In the market for a nice, long walk

It’s supposed to rain intermittently all weekend, but I’m not sure I care. Have you ever done that? Laced on your hiking boots and thought, “so what? If I get wet, I get wet.” It makes you feel all tingly and hardcore.

Which is important when you’re a pasty city woman of late middle age.

— 5:39 am
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