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Shut up with the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ scary monsters already

fairness doctrine would be the toothless

You know, I don’t like it when our side talks shit any more than when the other side does it. The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ is a busted flush, and everybody playing Scary Monsters with it should just shut up already.

You want the whole history of the Fairness Doctrine, go to Wikipedia. The Cliff’s Notes version: the Fairness Doctrine was a law that forced broadcasters to air both sides of any controversial issue. The effect was, broadcasters wouldn’t go anywhere near controversial issues. Reagan, in a series of maneuvers and vetoes, killed the Fairness Doctrine and the result (so the story goes) was Rush Limbaugh. Bring it back (so the other, bullshit story goes) and Rush Limbaugh goes away again.

The was law was ruled not to violate the First Amendment because it only applied to broadcast media. See, there are only so many broadcast frequencies, so it seemed okay to exercise a little government control over what they could say.

Pff! Broadcast media! Remember them? The rabbit ear dealie on the back of the tv with the aluminum foil enhancement? The coathanger jammed in where your car aerial ought to be? Broadcast TV and radio only. Oh, and teletext (ZOMG, they’re trying to take away our beloved teletext!)

Cable, satellite and the Internet? Untouchable.

Okay, okay…most of us still rely on broadcast media at least a little — particularly radio in the car. So let’s call the new Fairness Doctrine the Finally Making Satellite Radio An Imporant Accessory Doctrine. Or the More Political Podcasts Available on iTunes Law.

The last guy on earth this would affect is Rush Limbaugh, who signed a contract for a sum sufficient to bail out Fannie Mae. Broadcasters’ll damn sure find a way to protect their investment and keep that bad boy on the air, you betcha. The small fry will just have to blaze a path to new media a little faster.

What the hell? Go for it!

October 21, 2008 — 9:36 am
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