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A public service announcement

Oh-kay. I think I got all the suggested blogroll adjustments.

If you’re wondering why I make such a frakking big deal out of it, see…WordPress has this automatic blogroll dingus that I can access from the control panel, but it does moron things like files blogs that begin with “The” under “T” — which just crawls all over my OCD. So I had the bright idea that I’d put the left and right sidebar blogrolls into separate .php files, which is just so thrillingly tidy.

Except WP puts themes inside a folder inside a folder inside a folder inside a www area, all of which I have to access through BlueHost’s control panel, which is slow as shit and I can only get at it from home. Look it involves clicking the mouse button several times, okay?

So I added in the add-ees, moved the move-ees. I deleted links to anything that hadn’t been updated in more than a couple of months — no offense. I really do try do read all this stuff and I am just too stupid to remember who doesn’t update very often. If you get active again, say the word and you get back on. Also I added a couple of people, like JuliaM and Jill, who didn’t ask for it but made the mistake of commenting on my blog with a URL. Dumb move, ladies. You want moving, removing or adding, speak now while I still have those stupid pages open.

Oh, and new rule: weasel-themed blogs — or just plain blogs with ‘weasel’ in the title — get automatic linkage. Because weasels stick together.

If we were cleaner animals, that probably wouldn’t happen so much.

October 23, 2008 — 5:49 pm
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A smut too far

g'bye McGoo

Goodbye, McGoo! I mean, not literally. I’m sure the ‘sphere’ll have McGoo to kick around for quite some time, but it looks like Aardvarks and Asshats has joined the choir eternal. I reckon it was all them fake titties and Photoshopped butts wot did it, McGoo. Naughty, naughty McGoo. You boys’ll have to go elsewhere for your smut dose anymore. [UPDATE: looks like it’s working again. I know McGoo had an email in to them. Perhaps they had mercy.]

ferrets for obama

Damn it. Now I’ll have to edit my blogroll. And y’all know what a drama queen I am about editing my blogroll. Hey, while I’m in there — anybody want on or off, let me know. Drop me a note or post a comment in this thread and I’ll do that thing (specify moron, weasel or other). Fair warning: if I link your blog, I’ll read it and make inappropriate remarks on it. On the other hand, my blog gets…oh, hundreds of hits, some days.

The Glorious Lemur King sent me this lil’ feller on the left. I believe LK questions the political acumen of this mustelid — but, really, who seeks voting advice from a weasel? Nobody, that’s who. “Shiny stuff: delightful or thrilling?” or “Rat pie: too rich for every day?” maybe. Voting advice, not so much.

black footed ferret

I’m far more disturbed by this little BFF, linked by JuliaM. Black-footed ferret — the only species of wild ferret left, and hella endangered. In fact, they were believed to be extinct at one point, until the Smithsonian found a stash of them. (Is there anything the Smithsonian hasn’t got a stash of?)

So “yay” for the tiny weasel, I guess. Only…this adorable fuzzball was hatched out of ten year old frozen ferret sperm. Oh. Ohhhhhhh.




That is so very, very wrong. And it raises so many, many questions. I’d say more, but I don’t want my blog to get McGoo’d.

— 8:22 am
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