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Dear lord, forgettest thou not a Weasel in this terrible hour

‘Fart gas’ link to blood pressure

Small amounts of hydrogen sulphide – a toxic gas generated by bacteria living in the human gut – are responsible for the foul odour of flatulence. But it seems the gas is also produced by an enzyme in blood vessels where it relaxes them and lowers blood pressure.


Researcher Dr Solomon Snyder said: “Now we know hydrogen sulphide’s role in regulating blood pressure, it may be possible to design drug therapies that enhance its formation as an alternative to the current methods of treatment for hypertension.”


“We know hydrogen sulphide is not good for us at high levels but it seems that at the lower levels in the body it is essential.”

No, no…that’s not the scary part.
The scary part is Uncle Badger sent me this.

October 25, 2008 — 4:55 pm
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Dear British Embassy: not good at paperwork, draw picture instead?

weasel paperwork

Ugh. Starting to assemble stuff for my first visa application. But not my last!

— 10:06 am
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