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It was so cold in England today…


…we had blue tits.

On our fat balls.

I’ve been crumbling up bread ends and meat scraps and leaving them out for weeks now, but for all I know I’ve been fattening rats (last Summer, Uncle B took a picture of an especially fine specimen waddling off with a crust; that’s when he quit leaving food out).

Today, though, bits of Britain were colder than bits of the Antarctic and the boids turned up in hoids.

I totally don’t know from birds. I love watching them, but I’m at a “ZOMG, look at that precious fat one with the beak!” level of expertise. So I got out the binoculars and the Field Guide to British Birds and I counted

■ One thrush
■ One robin
■ Two pairs of moorhens (maybe one pair of moorhens and a pair of coots)
■ A lovely pair of chaffinches
■ Half a dozen blackbirds (a different species than ours; the British kind really do have that sweet, meandering song like in the old Beatles tune)

And that’s before the rooks came home from work and scared everyone off.

Oh, and Uncle B swears he saw blue tits on the seed feeder, but he sees tits everywhere. I’m worried about that boy.

January 6, 2009 — 8:00 pm
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