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Politics, for a moment

countryfirstWe interrupt the today’s regularly scheduled birdwatching and Brit baiting…did anybody else get this email from John “Frutty as a Nootcake” McCain today?

…So to continue the movement, I have decided to launch a new grassroots organization called Country First.

Today, I’m asking you as a friend and supporter to renew your commitment to our common goals by becoming a Charter Member of Country First with an online contribution.

Emphasis his. Dang. You reckon somebody borrowed his name to start a PAC, or do you think he means it? Three quarters of his party couldn’t stand him BEFORE he blew the election with squishiness and sanctimony.

Together, we can make government more responsive to today’s problems and more answerable to the people.

Yes, let’s wad up our caps in our grubby fists and beg government, “please, Sir…can we have some more?” Or, you know, government could just fuck off out of the way and let us deal with “today’s problems” our own damn selves.

And so begins the Political Battle of Twenty Twelve, between those who believe conservative principles are not beliefs but observations as immutable as the laws of physics, and the squish RINO party hacks who don’t stand for much beyond endless compromise and cocktail parties.

And if that ain’t enough to kink your drawers, hey guess what? Madame Tussauds is letting Americans in for free on Inauguration Day to see the pretty waxwork we just elected POTUS. If you thought the American Obamatrons were cultish, you would not BELIEVE the ass-licking he’s getting over here.

I understand the American president has a big footprint, but the amount of attention the BBC pays US politics (in general) and Obama (in particular) is…Princess Di-like in its extreme creepitude.

January 7, 2009 — 8:16 pm
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